Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person tactical shooter from developer and publisher Ubisoft. Each player slips into an operator of an anti-terror unit, where there is a distinction between attacker and defender. In three different game modes, the attackers try to evacuate a hostage, occupy an area or defuse a bomb. The defenders can prevent this by either a timer expires, or turn off the opposing team - the same applies to the attacking team. Played is a Best of 5 with each round alternating between attacker and defender.


Each of the five attackers spawns within his drone outside the building to be secured. Now you have 45 seconds to find the target and possibly identify the enemy operator. The drones can of course be destroyed by the defenders by shooting or melee attacks. Then try to penetrate into the building and turn off the opponent or secure the target. Care should be taken, concentration is required, as one must at best argue with his teammates and pay attention to every movement and every sound to find out where members of the adversary team are.


The five defenders spawn near the objective to defend and lay barbed wire, reinforce walls and prepare for the opponents. After 45 seconds the attackers spawn, from now on you should be in your position and do your best in defense, it is advisable to resort to the surveillance cameras located on each map and find out where the opposing team is attacking. Be careful to lie or crouch, as you can not see your surroundings while checking the cameras (the same applies when using the drone as an attacker)