Was ist EGC?

EGC ist die Abkürzung für European Gaming Community.

Wir sind an kein bestimmtes Spiel oder Genre gebunden.

Wir sind eine Community, die von Spielern für Spieler betrieben wird. Wir stehen für Freunde, Spaß und Fairplay!

Während die Demokratie eine der Säulen unserer Gemeinschaft ist.

Spiele, die wir spielen ... und viele mehr ...

Unser Ziel...

ist es, PC- und Konsolen Gamern ein virtuelles Zuhause zu bieten.

Ein Ort, an dem die Mitglieder das Gefühl haben, zu Hause zu sein, mit Freunden.

Unser Hauptziel ist in unserem Credo beschrieben: „Für Freunde, Spaß und Fairplay“.

Latest News


The egc was founded with the aim to create not a normal clan, but a pure fun community in which players of all kinds can feel at home.

Whether you are a pc or console player, you can play games with others without any obligations.

Everyone always has the chance to go online to play the game with others, which is what he's passionate about right now.

We want to provide the community with a home for anyone who has no interest in a clan with duties, trains, wars, etc. Here you can play comfortably after work or on weekends with people, if you do not want to gamble alone or with Randoms.

Games we play

Here you can see a list of games that are represented in our community.

What our community offers you

TeamSpeak 3 Server

We offer you and your friends a
high-performance server as a central
point of contact for gambling and talking.
We are looking for reinforcement!

We offer you as a user the opportunity to get involved in the project.
To strengthen the team, we are looking for, for example, moderators,
administrators which take care of the different areas.

Have we sparked your interest?

Our forum is in for lively
discussion within ready
for the community.