Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action game in which a killer chases four survivors through a dark forest area and tries to kill them. The survivors, however, have to flee from the killer and escape from the area. The players assume the roles of killers and survivors. The game ends when all players have died or fled. The survivors play in the third-person perspective, while the killer plays in first-person perspective. The players also get a visualization of the source of loud noises. The game world is set up procedurally and is based on one of seven game world templates which define the atmosphere, surrounding elements and general lighting mood. Which of these templates is used for the round is random. The probabilities for these templates may be affected by certain offerings that may be selected in the player's inventory before the game starts, but are destroyed after a single use, so that the round is more likely to take place in a game world based on the submission of the offeringt.